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Blog Love - Sustainability in Style


There are thousands upon thousands of style and eco blogs out there. But there are only a few that I truly love and follow. 

So you can imagine how thrilled I am this week that Zefyr has been featured on one of my absolute favourite eco blogs, Sustainability In Style.

The eco blogger and environmental scientist behind this great blog is Katie Roberts. She wrote a beautiful and thoughtful article about why consumers should wear ethical and ‘recycled’ jewellery. She sat down with me for a big chat and it was wonderful to connect with her. Thanks so much of the blog love, Katie.

Read the blog here:  http://sustainabilityinstyle.com/6742-2/

Love Tanya. xx

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Adjustable Jewellery for when your fingers get fat

As funny as it sounds it totally happens! Women do put on weight in their fingers. Pregnancy is the main culprit here, with weight jumping on board in any way it can. From chatting to girlfriends, and reading blogs and comments, we know this is a pretty widespread and common problem for ring wearers. Weight fluctuates and [...]

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Zefyr and 'Good On You'

Anyone out there into ethical fashion? Yep, us too. If you don't already know, you need to get into this fab new ethical shopping App called 'Good On You'. It was started by Sydney based initiative Ethical Consumers who do great things in the march towards more conscious consumerism. 'Good On You' is their free app that [...]

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Zefyr and the Flower Wall

The Zefyr studio is located in Sydney, in a heavily industrial area - swarming with creatives! We love it!Next door to us is a huge prop factory and photoshoot studio where lots of local movies and tv shows get their props, and lots of fashion photoshoots take place. We are lucky enough to be able [...]

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Zefyr featured in Swimwear Shoot

We absolutely adore this photoshoot! Zefyr joined forces with amazing photographer Will Rivers and hair and makeup artist Ryan Farrajota for this gorgeous beach shoot at Sydney's famous Bondi Beach. Just Zefyr and swimwear under the sun. Who says you can't wear jewellery at the beach? 

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Me and My Valentine

I want to wish a great big Happy Valentine's Day to all those lovers out there.On this annual day of love, I want to share with you the happiest love moment of my life: the day I married my husband, Lewis. The photo above captures us perfectly; always laughing, and surrounded by colored popcorn. (Actually [...]

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Who's Wearing Zefyr - Fashion Blogger, Faye DeLanty of Fashion Hound

One of the funnest parts of the job is working with fashion bloggers. Especially when they are as cool and fun and down to earth and genuine as this Sydney based blog-star. This is the amazing and effortlessly stylish fashion blogger, Faye Delanty of www.FashionHound.tv "Did you know that fashion is the second most toxic [...]

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Pieces we LOVE for Valentine's Day

Say it with Zefyr this Valentine's Day.Got a gal to buy for? Maybe you plan to spoilt yourself with some special sparkling jewellery this Val's Day? Whoever you're loving this year, scroll down for our Valentine's Day selection of the most romantic Zefyr pieces, perfect for expressing those lovin' feelings on the annual day of [...]

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Zefyr and The Collective

Sometimes in business things happen that make you jump for joy! We are so excited to have been approached by one of our favourite magazines, The Collective to be featured in their Snapshot section. The Collective is an Australian magazine launched in 2013 by entreprenuer Lisa Messenger. If you havent seen it yet, we recommend you [...]

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Skin Tone Special - Olive Skin

All That Glitters is Gold on Olive SkinIn case you missed the first two segments of our skin tone special, Zefyr invited three amazing Sydney women into our studio for a special three part skin tone styling session. We styled the girls in jewellery according to their skin tones - three beautiful girls with three [...]

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