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10 Jewellery Gift Ideas


A sale is always a great time to stock up on gifts. Got a friend's birthday coming up? An anniversary? Someone graduating? At Zefyr, we love any excuse to give gifts - even if its just to let someone know they are special to you. 

In the spirit of giving gifts, here is our list of 10 Jewellery Gift Ideas.

  1. For The Hippy at Heart - The Calendula Earrings - down to $59.00

  2. For The Simple Styler - The Marakesh Ring Pendant - down to $54.00

  3. For The Feminine Female - The Cordoba Flower Earrings - down to $49.00

  4. For The Girly Glamour - The Boleyn Ring in Blush Pink - down to $52.00

  5. For The Fashionista - The Marrakesh Bangle - down to $59.00

  6. For The History Lover - The Boleyn Ring in Midnight Blue - down to $52.00

  7. For The Black Sheep - The Palatine Ring in Black Onyx - down to $54.00

  8. For The Picky Princess - The Chime Pendant - down to $52.00

  9. For The Minimalist - The Alentejo Seed Bangle - down to $37.00

  10. For The Colour Lover - The Palatine Ring - down to $54.00

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