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Adjustable Jewellery for when your fingers get fat


As funny as it sounds it totally happens! Women do put on weight in their fingers. Pregnancy is the main culprit here, with weight jumping on board in any way it can.

From chatting to girlfriends, and reading blogs and comments, we know this is a pretty widespread and common problem for ring wearers. Weight fluctuates and you're left with a ring that is either too tight, or too loose (if you put your digits on a diet!)

We hate the thought of all those poor fingers out there, dealing with such hard times, so we made sure our Monsoon collection of rings have adjustable bands! This means not only can you resize your ring to fit by simply bending the metal, it also ensures your rings will fit your friends fingers when they ask to borrow your stunning new jewellery! Fingers and friends both happy. And no need to put your pointers on the treadmill. x 


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