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Me and My Valentine


I want to wish a great big Happy Valentine's Day to all those lovers out there.

On this annual day of love, I want to share with you the happiest love moment of my life: the day I married my husband, Lewis. The photo above captures us perfectly; always laughing, and surrounded by colored popcorn. (Actually that's only happened that one time, but I highly recommend it.)

Lewis and I have been together for 15 years and he is my best friend. He is also my swiss army knife. I sometimes feel like he can do anything, so on days when running Zefyr gets busy and hectic, I can always rely on Lewis to get me through. 

To celebrate Valentine's day, our Communications Coordinator Jess has interviewed us below in a special love themed Q and A. We hope you enjoy (or at least get a giggle out of it.)

Love Tanya, xx

How did you meet? 

TANYA: I actually first saw Lewis when I was sixteen and he was playing with his band in a battle of the bands competition. I was cheering for the other band as they were my friends band and booing his! We met a few years later at a few parties.

LEWIS: We were both in a theatre group at Uni and friends long before we were a couple.

How long have you been together? 

TANYA: A thousand years! We got together when I was twenty and I’m now thirty five.

LEWIS: A bit over 15 years now.

What’s your favourite memory as a couple? 

TANYA: Do I have to choose just one? I think the most magical time was when we lived and worked in romantic Edinburgh.

LEWIS: Oddly enough, it’s probably pulling all-nighters together to get jewellery finished up for shows. I enjoy working so closely with her as a team

Most romantic thing you have done for your partner. 

TANYA: I think the most romantic thing we do for each other is to put toothpaste on each other’s toothbrushes. We do this everyday.

LEWIS: A couple of Valentine’s Days ago, the local Cat Society was all out of kittens, so I drove with Tanya for hours in gridlock to the RSPCA so she could get a kitten. We named it Valentine.

What’s your favourite personality trait in the other? 

TANYA: I love his stupid sense of humour.

LEWIS: Her openness to the world around her – to joy, wonder, experience and inspiration.

Three words to describe your partner. 

TANYA: Kind, funny, intelligent.

LEWIS: Thoughtful, Caring, Funny

When did you realize you loved your partner? 

TANYA: I’m not sure that I had a particular moment. For me it was a gradual realization. I think anything that’s worthwhile takes time especially when it comes to love

LEWIS: It was actually just before we started going out. I found out she was already seeing someone and I realized that I loved her whether we were together or not.

What do you love most about your partner? 

TANYA: Not his hairy feet! I love his kindness and generosity.

LEWIS: Is Tanya-ness a word? There’s no one thing. All I know is it grows more every day.


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