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Pieces we LOVE for Valentine's Day


Say it with Zefyr this Valentine's Day.

Got a gal to buy for? Maybe you plan to spoilt yourself with some special sparkling jewellery this Val's Day? Whoever you're loving this year, scroll down for our Valentine's Day selection of the most romantic Zefyr pieces, perfect for expressing those lovin' feelings on the annual day of love.

*Order for Valentine's Day by Sunday Feb 7th for free shipping.

What: Boleyn Ring in Rose Quartz
Why is it special? This beautiful pretty pink Rose Quartz colour was just named the Pantone colour of the year for 2016
Price: $52.00

What: Lolly Necklace in Blueberry
Why is it special: One of our most loved pieces, the Lolly necklace says "I think you're so sweet". Perfect for a romantic night out.
Price: $79.00

What? Henry Ring in Pink Sapphire
Why is it special? One for for the girly girls, our Henry Ring in pink is the ultimate big, bright, sparkling symbol of love.

Price: $99.00

What:  Etruscan earrings in Emerald
Why is it special? More than just earrings, the Etruscan's are for the history lovers - featuring unique, vintage 1940s Czech crystals.
Price: $89.00

What: Bokeo bangle in Rose Gold
Why is it special? We all want to protect the ones we love. The Bokeo bangle features the Lao symbol for mountain, designed to impart strength and stability in the wearer.
Price: $175.00

What:  Calendula Pendant in Silver
Why is it special? Instead of a bunch, get her wearable flowers this year. Inspired by a vintage button, the long, elegant Calendula necklace features a floral motif.
Price: $52.00

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