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Shoutout to SporteLuxe.com


We have been blogged about by one of Australia's top fashion and lifestyle bloggers, Bianca May Cheah. High fives to us!

Bianca is the mastermind at the helm of two amazing blogs - sporteluxe.com - which has brought luxury sporty fashion to the mainstream - and also her namesake blog, BiancaMayCheah.com where she blogs about everything from food to travel.

As if she wasn't busy enough, Bianca is also an amazingly gorgeous fashion model and her face can often be spotted around Sydney on Billboards and TV ads.

Bianca saw our jewellery and loved the simplicity of the MONSOON collection and the fact that everything is sustainable and recycled. (She especially loved the Laos ring). She wrote this amazing blog piece for her Sporteluxe.com blog about me and the collection and it's a great read. Thanks so much to Bianca. And make sure you check out her blogs - they are worth a look.   

Read the article here.

Love, Tanya x

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