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Skin Tone Special - Fair Skin


Rose Gold Loves Fair Skin

In case you missed our introduction last week, Zefyr invited three amazing Sydney women into our studio for a special skin tone styling session and photo shoot. We styled the girls in jewellery according to their skin tones - three beautiful girls with three very different looks. 

This week the focus is on fair skin, featuring the gorgeous Maddy who was styled in our Rose Gold MONSOON collection.

Maddy was styled in our Rose Gold Monsoon collection and a white tee by awesome eco designer, Eva Cassis.

Choosing jewellery for Fair Skin 

Rose Gold suits most skin tones but really sings against a fair skin tone like Maddy. The pink hues compliment the English rose tinting in fair skin, adding warmth and brightening the complexion.

If, like Maddy, your skin tone is cool, then rose gold is ideal for you. The cool skin tones tend to rock the rose gold best, but can also dazzle in traditional yellow gold. Try and steer away from silver as its too cool for fair skin.

Zefyr's 2015 MONSOON collection is the first range to feature Rose Gold plating. And the pieces have become fast favourites with Zefyr fans.

Meet our fair-skinned beauty, Maddy

If you're a longtime Zefyr fan then you may recognise Maddy as our model for our last collection of 2014.

Zefyr designer Tanya first spotted Maddy on the bus, thought she embodied the Zefyr brand so asked her to model. Whilst stunning, Maddy is not officially a model, but a very talented actress with a big future.

Come back next Tuesday for the second segment in the Zefyr Skin Tone series: Medium skin. In the meantime, feel free to email us with questions about styling jewellery for your skin tone.

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