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Skin Tone Special - Medium Skin


Silver Sings on Medium Skin

In case you missed the first segment of our skin tone special, Zefyr invited three amazing Sydney women into our studio for a special skin tone styling session and photo shoot. We styled the girls in jewellery according to their skin tones - three beautiful girls with three very different looks.

This week the focus is on medium skin, featuring the beautiful Davian who was styled in our Silver MONSOON collection.

Choosing jewellery for Medium Skin

If your skin tone is medium you can wear most any metal without being washed out. Medium skin has warm tones - like our model Davian - that can easily compliment any jewellery metal, but its silver that really shines.

Silver jewellery is arguably the most commonly worn metal in the world, as it suits majority of skin tones - with the exception of very cool skin tones (ie fair skin). But this versatile metal looks most vibrant against a medium skin tone like Davian. The cooler tones in silver compliment the warmer tint in medium skin, combining warm with cool to balance and illuminate the skin.

Meet our medium-skinned model, Davian

Davian is part of the Zefyr family – and not just as our model. We are lucky enough to have this beauty as our amazing, clever and creative Marketing and PR intern. As soon as we saw her we knew we wanted to utilize her captivating looks. Can you believe she had never modeled before? Keep your eye out for more of this one.

Stay tuned for the third and final segment in the Zefyr Skin Tone series: Olive skin. In the meantime, feel free to email us with questions about styling jewellery for your skin tone.

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