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Skin Tone Special - Olive Skin


All That Glitters is Gold on Olive Skin

In case you missed the first two segments of our skin tone special, Zefyr invited three amazing Sydney women into our studio for a special three part skin tone styling session. We styled the girls in jewellery according to their skin tones - three beautiful girls with three very different looks.

This week the focus is on olive skin, featuring the beautiful Kristy who was styled in our Gold MONSOON collection.

Choosing Jewelry for Olive Skin

If you have olive skin, you can wear most any jewellery metal, but gold is your best bet. People with warm skin tones, like our gorgeous model Kristy, tend to lead towards gold as their main metal.

Yellow gold, like our MONSOON collection, especially enhances the natural warmth of olive skin tones to create a beautiful complexion. It also helps to disguise the slightly greenish undertones inherent in olive types. Silver also suits as a nice contrast and highlight. Avoid rose gold, as it tends to get lost against the olive tones.

Meet our olive-skinned beauty, Kristy

Kristy is an actress and is one of those faces that pops up on telly constantly. With Kristy’s amazing, model looks we contacted her especially to be part of this skin tone special. On top of acting and presenting (she was the inaugural presenter of ABC’s Sunday Best program), Kristy is also an acting teacher and filmmaker. Her short film, Something Fishy, has been shortlisted in many film festivals. Talk about inspiring.

This was the third and final segment in the Zefyr Skin Tone series. We hope each of our readers got something out of it. If you’re still not sure about styling your skin tone to your jewellery, feel free to email us. We would be thrilled to hear from you. Love, The Zefyr Team x

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