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Which metal matches your skin tone?


Davian, Maddy and Kristy were each styled in their 'jewellery colour'.

Remember back in the 90s when getting your colours done was all the rage? We’re bringing it back - for jewellery!

Just like wearing the wrong colour clothes can wash you out, wearing the wrong jewellery for your skin can highlight the wrong colouring in your skin. Warm and cool tones suit different metals, so getting your colour right can really make you shine.

Last Thursday, the Zefyr team invited three dynamic, gorgeous and very diverse Sydney women into our studio for a special skin colour photoshoot. The girls were chosen for their unique beauty, presence, warmth, and general excellence as eco-humans. Three beautiful girls with three very different looks.

I personally styled each of the girls in jewellery according to their skin colours.

Davian has medium skin and dark hair thanks to her Asian heritage and was styled in our silver MONSOON jewellery. Maddy has English Rose skin and strawberry blonde hair and was styled in rose gold, and Kristy is part Sri Lankan with olive skin and medium brown hair and was styled in yellow gold

Over the next few weeks, we will go into detail about each metal and why it suits certain tones - starting with fair skin next week.

Until then, the general rule for matching your metal to your skin is cool colours don’t sit well on cool tones, i.e. silver doesn’t generally go with fair skin. But don’t be discouraged - you can still break the rules. There are lots of different shades of each metal, so you shouldn’t eliminate a metal from your wardrobe just because one shade doesn’t suit you. For example, Zefyr jewellery often comes in a matte effect, which looks different on the skin than a high shine metal.

If you’re still unsure which metal to pick after reading this skin colour special, the best rule of thumb is to try it on and see. Or, if you’re ever in Sydney come down to the amazing Rocks Markets on the weekend and I will give you a free ‘which jewellery for your skin’ styling session. 

I hope you get something out of this skin colour styling guide. Feel free to email me anytime if you have questions about this shoot or which jewellery to choose for yourself or a loved one. tanya@zefyrjewels.com.au

Don't forget to check in next week for our first skin type special - fair skin.

Love, Tanya x

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