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Zefyr and 'Good On You'


Anyone out there into ethical fashion? Yep, us too. 

If you don't already know, you need to get into this fab new ethical shopping App called 'Good On You'. It was started by Sydney based initiative Ethical Consumers who do great things in the march towards more conscious consumerism. 'Good On You' is their free app that rates ethical and sustainable brands so that conscious consumers (like us) know which brands to trust. And we are SO excited that Zefyr has been featured not only on their blog, www.goodonyou.org.au as a favourite ethical jeweler, but we also just got word that we are listed on the app as a brand with a 'good' rating! Woohoo! Such a fantastic accolade for us. 

If you want to keep up with ethical fashion visit the Good On You blog. It's GOOD. And if you want to know where to buy ethical - download the app. It's FREE. xo

Read the article here.

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