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Jewellery Care


Zefyr jewellery is a delicate, handmade product. Our jewellery is created from recycled brass and plated with nickel free 18ct gold or silver plate. Each crystal glass stone is individually set.

As a handmade product, the jewellery should be handled with special care. 

Wipe your crystal glass stones gently with a damp cloth and pat dry with a soft dry cloth. Your jewellery will love you if you keep it free from contact with perfume, water, lotions, chlorine, sweat, and cleaning solutions.

We specially treat each piece with an anti-tarnish coating to keep your jewellery looking beautiful. You can help keep it looking like new by avoiding scratching or bumping it, and removing it before sleeping, showering or playing sport.

Playing gentle music might also help keep the jewels happy. We haven't tried this yet but you never know!


Silk and cotton are beautiful natural fibres. Pieces made with silk cord are very delicate and become more so with time, so avoid storing them in direct sunlight and keep away from water, creams, perfume and other beauty products.

P.S. Here’s a brilliant tip for keeping your jewellery from tarnishing. Just grab those little sachets that come in shoe boxes, chuck them in a sealed bag or box with your jewels, and voila! A tarnish free zone.

x x Tanya C

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