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Sizing Guide


Ring Sizing


So what size ring do you need?

Here's a simple way to find out your ring size - a trick we learnt to help out husbands and boyfriends who wanted to surprise their ladies. 

There are only three steps:

1. Take a small strip of paper and curl it inside the band of one of your rings.

2. Mark where the strip ends.

3. Measure the distance and compare it to the table below. 


Size (mm) 49 51.5 53.5 56.5 59
Zefyr Sizing XS S M L XL
US 5 6 7 8 9
EUROPE  49.5  52  54  57  60


Remember when picking ring sizes, that the bands of some rings we stock are quite broad, so if the ring you choose to size from is snug, then you may need to opt for a ring size a touch larger.

The same goes for using rings that are a little loose. Some of our rings have quite fine bands, and you may be safer erring on something a touch smaller.



grain-bangle-half-img-0271.jpgBangle Sizing


Believe it or not bangles come in a myriad of sizes! Here at Zefyr you can choose from 3 sizes of bangle.

Our most popular size is the Medium and this is the size of most bangles you will find in shops.

We measure bangles by their internal dimensions and circumference. While we give you all the technical speak below, please be assured that if your hand and wrist are smaller than the average, choose the Small. If your hand and wrist are larger than the average, choose the Large version.


How to work out the right size bangle for you:

A simple way to work out your bangle size is to measure the length between the first three knuckles on the hand the bangle is to be worn on.

Make a fist and measure the length from the outside of the first knuckle to the point between the third and fourth knuckle.


This measurement equals the required diameter of your Round Fit bangle.

60mm – SMALL (Size 7)

64mm – MEDIUM (Size 8)

67mm – LARGE (Size 9)


If you're unsure of just which size is right for you, drop Tanya a line and she will steer you in the right direction.


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